Standalone Version*

If you find λ·vue useful and would like to obtain the license for our standalone package, you can use the Buy button at the bottom of this page to purchase directly using PayPal or Credit Card.  With this license, you get the following for one full year:

  • Software Development Kit (SDK) which allow you to create your own non-commercial application that uses λ·vue (for commercial license, please contact
  • Command line interface and Graphical user interface
  • Unlimited software upgrades
  • Real-time processing live video stream**
  • No restriction on video size being processed
  • Full HD videos
  • High FPS videos
  • Save the processed video directly on the installed machine

* Warning: if your machine has two or more graphic cards installed (for example Intel + Nvidia cards), you may get the "OpenGL GLX extension not supported by display" error which prevent you from running our software successfully on your machine

** For standard quality, average FPS video stream only

Quanta λ·vue Video Magnification Software - Development Licensing Fee

Supported OS:

  • Linux: Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit
  • Mac OS: OS X 10.9 or later
  • Windows: Windows 7 32 bit / 64-bit
Enterprise License
1st - 10th
$ 3,000 / License
11th - 50th
$ 2,500 / License
$ 2,000 / License
License Per Year Per Machine Each (in US Dollars, pre-tax)
*Example: 60 enterprise licenses = 10 * $3,000 + 40 * $2,500 + 10 * $2,000 = $150,000 per year
Payment methods: paypal icon by Paypal, you can pay with credit card or Paypal account.